24 Nov 2012

Kingdom Come (Soul Survivor) Album Review

Let me make something clear before I start: this is a fantastic resource and a must-have for young people who attended this year's festivals. The first few tracks, 'Giving You My All' and a cover of Hillsong's 'Go' (with added rapping), are a rousing start to the album, but after that things start to struggle.

The title track is well produced, but to a point where the live power is lost, covers of Cantelon's 'Guardian' and 'New Day' are bearly distinguishable from the original studio recording, and the seemingly random track order means the album lacks flow. On the second 'Momentum' disk, Sam Bailey's cover of Christy Nockels' 'Waiting Here For You' lacks the simplicity of the live version from the Passion conference.

There’s a silver lining in the offerings from Rend Collective, including a folked-up new arrangement of 'You Bled', injecting lots of energy and a new sound into this album. The simple and truthful lyrics of Bailey's 'My Heart' are backed up by a funky rhythm and tune that wouldn't be difficult for a congregation to sing. The rocking 'Exalted One' gives Beth Croft's incredible voice a real chance to shine, while 'Forever Reign' is a cover they've pulled off really well, feeling really natural and capturing the Big Top atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong - Beth, Tom and Sam have God-given talents in their worship leading and song writing, but it's a shame that the live worship has been cut-up and polished into something else. This is an album that should be leading thousands across the country into a place of worship, and I pray that however astray the production has gone that this is still the case.

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