2 Jan 2013

Burning In My Soul

There is power, power
Here in this hour, hour
We are all together, together
Waiting here as one

Whoa, hear the sound from heaven!
Whoa, a mighty rushing wind!
Whoa, we're calling for revival!
God let your fire fall again,
It's burning in my soul!

All Your sons and Your daughters Dreaming the dreams of their father
seeing the signs and the wonders, the kingdom of God

I cannot contain it, it's burning inside
I cannot contain it, so let it shine
I cannot contain it this light of mine It's burning in my soul

Throughout: G#m G#m E B
Except F# on 'God let your fire fall again'
Bridge (I cannot contain it): F# F# E B
Key: B

When leading at church or small group, you might want to drop this down to G or F. Lots of the words lend themselves to actions, so it might make a good kids song!

First heard led by Brett Younker and the Passion Worship Band on the 1st night of Passion 2013.

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