2 Jan 2013

We Glorify Your Name

Maker of the heavens, master of the seas
Mover of the mountains, Majesty

We glorify Your name, We glorify Your name
We glorify Your name in all the earth

Awesome God in power, author of my life
All consuming fire, alive, alive!

You are seated on a throne of praise, Unto You alone let our voices raise

Alternate Chorus:
The highest praise is Yours, the highest praise is Yours,
The highest praise is Yours in all the earth!


Verse: A C#m B B x4
Chorus: E B B E E ABE
Bridge: A E C#m B x4

With its simple structure and small range, this song is a great place to start if you're looking to introduce something from #Passion2013 to your church or small group. If you're a male leader, try playing it in G or A instead (Capo 4 or 5).

First heard led by Christy Nockels and the Passion Worship Band on the 1st night of Passion 2013.

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