3 Jan 2013

Come To The Water

Come, come to the water all who are thirsty, come and be filled
come, come to the river brothers and sisters, come and be healed

We believe in the kingdom come
We believe in the risen Son
You bring our hearts to life
Lord we come with our hands up high
We believe you will satisfy
You bring our hearts to life
You bring our hearts to life
We are alive

See the people returning, the love of the father drawing us in
See salvation coming, Jesus our Savior, light of the world

Let revival come, let the people sing the glory of Your name

Key:C - Download all of Brett's chord charts from BrettYounker.com

This song is by Brett Younker. Download the album here

First heard led by Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Worship Band in Session 4 of Passion 2013.

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