3 Jan 2013

Let It Shine (It's a new day)

It's a new day, everything changed when Your love came into the darkness
You sent the light of the Son

Wake up, open your eyes, no longer dead, we are alive
Rise up children of light, open the doors, go let it shine

There is freedom in your kingdom
For You Jesus we will be dancing, this is Your song

Song for the broken, let it shine
Into the shadows, let it shine
Hope for the whole world, let it shine
Let it shine!

Verse: Em D C C x3
Am G D Em
C G D Em
Chorus: G (simple!)
Whoas: C G C G
Bridge: D C D C D C G G

First heard led by Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Worship Band in Session 4 of Passion 2013.


  1. I LOVE this song! <3

  2. I first heard this song at the G12 Regional Conference @ SM cebu...since then I've been searching for this song and came on this site...thanks