5 Jan 2011

Spirit Fall

Heard live at Passion 2011 Atlanta, Georgia and performed by Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill and Christy Nockels 

External link to chord sheet has been removed due to a copyright claim by WorshipTogether. The video has also been disabled on You Tube due to a claim by Passion Conferences / Six Steps Records. Glad to see they're all for glory of God. Please find the chords and partial lyrics below, or download them here.

           F     C/E
Spirit fall...
F G Am7 G

F                       C            G
   Like a mighty wind..

Dm              Am7       C     G
Oh oh oh oh...

Dm     Am7           G       F      C     Am7    G
Come, magnify the Son...

Acoustic tutorial will be attached soon.

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